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Sow the Magic

Tumbled Gemstone Intention Vial

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

Keep vibes high and your energy balanced with these gemstone intention vials!


  • Includes one (1) vial of tumbled gemstones in stone of your choice:
    • Amethyst: Vial contains 4—7 tumbled Amethyst gemstones
    • Rose Quartz: Vial contains 6—8 tumbled Rose Quartz gemstones
  • Size of stones will vary
  • Can help improve mood and energy balanced
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Great gift idea


  • Amethyst:
    • The stone of connection to clarity, contemplation, and third eye awakening
    • A soothing, stabilizing stone intended to relieve stress, balance mood swings, and calm the mind
    • Responsibly sourced in Brazil
  • Rose Quartz:
    • The stone of universal love
    • Connected with trust, enhanced self-worth, and restoring harmony in relationships; this stone is intended to dispel negativity and open the heart to an abundance of loving vibrations
    • Responsibly sourced in Madagascar

About the Brand

Sow The Magic grew out of a deep love for mystic designs and a singular enchantment with Mother Nature. Whether intended for your own garden or given as the perfect gift, each special seed inspires us to love our planet and grow together.