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The Gym Bib

Wearable Sweat Towel

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

The Gym Bib is a wearable sweat and/or cooling towel accessory designed to stay comfortably and conveniently around your neck while you sweat! This lightweight towel provides you with peace of mind. No carrying or losing track of your towel, and no more using your shirt to wipe your sweat or lay it on germ-infested gym equipment (yuck)!


  • Comfortably and conveniently stays around neck helping to keep you dry and more germ-free
  • Highly absorbent and dries quickly
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Can be used for any sweaty activity
  • One size fits most
  • Made with 100% Polyester fabric that resists wrinkles and shrinking
  • Measures 12” wide at center, hangs approx. 9” from neck

Care Instructions

Wash in cold or warm water, hang or lay flat to dry

About the Brand

The Gym Bib® is a one-piece, quick-drying personal towel that you wear around your neck during workouts. It’s not only extremely convenient, it’s also more sanitary and efficient than your average sweat towel, especially when exercising in public fitness facilities or outdoors.