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Guard Your ID

Wide 3-in-1 Advanced Security Kit (3-Pack)

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Meet the 3-in-1 Advanced Roller, an innovative upgrade of the Advanced Security Roller. In addition to helping protect private data from identity theft with a masking pattern, it also integrates a unique built-in blade to help you easily open envelopes and packages. Your daily mail, including packages, can be managed effortlessly and securely with these rollers!


  • Includes three (3) Wide 3-in-1 Advanced Security Rollers
  • Each roller is suitable for approx. 1,600 uses
  • Rollers:
    • Designed to protect personal information from identity theft
    • Uses a unique stamp pattern designed to hide the personal text underneath
    • Specially formulated ink works on most coated surfaces
    • Ideal for prescription bottles, bills, bank statements, cashed checks, magazines, credit card offers, tax returns, and more
    • An eco-friendly alternative to a shredder
    • Twist-off cap prevents accidental inking
  • Blade:
    • Ideal for easily opening mail and packages
    • Folds away into the top of the roller base when not in use
  • Great gift idea


  • Rollers: 1.8" x 3.25" x 1.8” each
  • Pattern Width: 1.0" (will cover six lines of text at a time)

How to Use

  • Privacy protector: Twist off the cap and roll the stamp over the text you want to mask before discarding documents
  • Mail opener:
    • Use to open mail and packages, then fold away when not in use
    • Note: Sharp object. Keep out of reach of children

About the Brand

Safeguard sensitive information effortlessly with the Guard Your ID Roller, a portable, silent guardian that blurs out personal details in a swipe, offering a quick and sustainable way to protect against identity theft. Embrace eco-friendly security with the Guard Your ID stamps, a recyclable, energy-efficient solution for document disposal that eliminates the need for shredding, ensuring your privacy while supporting environmental sustainability.